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INDIAN MOUND RANCH believes that success happens when you breed the best possible cows to the best possible herd bulls. Each year we only turn out herd sires that are either the top bulls raised at our ranch or bulls that we have purchased from the most respected cow herd in North America. Below are some of the bulls in use at our ranch currently.
HH advance 2037z et
Registration Number: 43281591 (View Pedigree)
Owned with: Rocking Chair Ranch, Fort McKavett, Texas and Ledbetter Cattle Company, Wheeler, Texas

2037Z is a powerful individual who is full of muscle and depth. We gravitated to him at Holden’s because he was so complete and we felt he was the stoutest Line 1 bull we had seen in some time. His calves have followed his pattern and are very attractive while being tremendously thick muscled and easy fleshing. His calves have been above average at birth and although we would not recommend him or his sons for use on heifers, we would not hesitate to use him or his sons on mature cows. We will calve the first set of daughters in the spring of 2016 and have very high expectations.  2037Z’s dam is a full sister to the outstanding maternal sire HH Advance 8050U. In summary, 2037Z will add muscle thickness, fleshing ability and overall ruggedness and has a top maternal pedigree.

NJW 33TB 100W Trust 167Y
Registration Number: 43214415 (View Pedigree)

167Y is one of those rare bulls that does everything well. We picked 167Y at Ned and Jan Ward’s sale because he was above average in their herd for weaning, yearling, REA and Marbling while still being very attractive with good thickness and depth. We hoped that he would breed that same total performance into his calves and he has even exceeded our expectations. He sires light birth weights and has an average birth weight ratio of 97.6 on his progeny to date. His calves have plenty of growth and outstanding carcass data with an average REA ratio of 100.3 and an average Marbling ratio of 108.5 on all of his progeny so far. We calved his first daughters this spring and they look terrific with very nice udders. We recently leased 167Y to the Genex Cooperative and they will begin to market semen on him in the fall of 2015.

L1 Domino 08542
Registration Number: 42915174 (View Pedigree)
semen for sale: $25.00 per Straw and $75.00 per Certificate
Owned with: Coates Ranch, Mertzon, Texas

The best way to describe “08542” is that he gets better and better with time. We always knew that he was a tremendous individual who is thick, big ribbed, attractive and well marked. Each year that we have used him we seem to just get better calves. His son’s have been popular in the sale because they are so stout and muscular. His daughters are moderate framed with beautiful udders and have posted an average weaning weight of 108.4 on their calves at weaning. Another bright spot for his progeny has been carcass traits with an average REA ratio of 100.1 and an average Marbling ratio of 103.2 on his progeny. We will have many daughters in production and so he will play a large roll in our herd for many years to come.

IMR 408 Harland 9038W ET
Registration Number: 42994272 (View Pedigree)
semen for sale: $25.00 per Straw and $50.00 per Certificate
Owned with: Ryan Bullinger, Henrietta, Texas

At the end of the day a strong argument can be made that 9038W is the best bull ever used at Indian Mound Ranch. He is incredibly balanced and does everything well.  He is a proven heifer bull and has an average birth weight ratio of 98.7 on his progeny. His calves grow quickly and have an average weaning ratio of 101.7. He has been very strong in the carcass department with his progeny posting an average REA ratio of 100.3 and an average Marbling ratio of 104.1. His daughters are something special with loads of eye appeal and excellent udders and they have posted an average weaning ratio of 101.7 on their calves. His sons have topped our sales for several years and have been extremely popular with our customers. He can do it all!

CL 1 Domino 955W
Registration Number: 42982422 (View Pedigree)

We were one of 7 breeders to buy an in-herd breeding interest in 955W after the Cooper Hereford Ranch Sale in 2010. In 2012 we sold our first sons with herd bulls going to two of the top Hereford operations in the United States, GKB Herefords in Waxahachie, Texas and Dudley Brothers in Comanche, Texas. The “955W” cattle combine showring quality phenotype with the stoutness to go anywhere and perform.  You will continue to see the “955W” influence at Indian Mound Ranch for years to come.

These herd sires represent the ideals that we strive for in our operation. Their offspring are sold year round and available to help improve your herds. Contact us for more information on our cattle.
Lee and Jacqui Haygood
923 Hillside Ave. • Canadian, Texas 79014
806-323-8232 • Cell: 806-323-2906 • lee@indianmoundranch.com
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